- How it works - 
Senne  Dehandschutter talking with Citizen-E

Citizen-E is supporting HELLO Europe for some time now. 
The idea is great and it would really be a cool thing to see what is 
going on in Europe via a direct connection. The HELLO Europe Project wants to give us all the chance to talk with people all over Europe, to party with all Europeans and wants that we all see with our own eyes other people in other cities. As I said, the idea is great!
But how shall this actually work?
I was curious about the way they actually want to make this idea a reality. So I wrote them and asked if they would have some time to meet and to talk with me. On Wednesday March 20th I met with Senne Dehandschutter. He is one of the people behind the HELLO Europe project. We talked about how they the technical realisation shall work and look like. What communication is for him, why the project did not start on well known crowd funding platforms and how the whole project can be financed. 
I hope this gives you a better insight into the project and that you will support it even more so! Have fun!  
In the beginning of this week I got an invitation to an event called "It's our Europe: Let's get active!" which is organised by the European Ombudsman. I liked the title of the event because it assumes that the idea is to talk about motivating people and to support participation of citizens. Sounds like a great idea. But then again I was surprised that the event was actually organised by the European Ombudsman. I always thought this European institution would only work on complains. I wanted to have some background information about the work of the Ombudsman and the event to which I was invited. I wrote them and asked if we can meet and talk about the event and the work of the European Ombudsman. As it turned out, I got an answer just hours after I had sent my request for a meeting with the kind invitation to meet during the week. 

On Thursday April 4th I met with Gundi Gadesmann who is the Media and External Relations Officer at the European Ombudsman. We talked a bit and I asked her to tell me what the European Ombudsman actually does. Here is what she told me: 

The European Ombudsman P. Nikiforos Diamandouros. Credits: European Parliament/Pietro Naj-Oleari .
I then wanted to know more about the event itself: Why is the event organised now, in which framework, if there is any and what's the goal of an event that is called: "It's our Europe: Let's get active!"
So far I knew now. I liked the idea. It's good when we start asking ourselves what we can do, makes us think about our responsibility in this Year of European Citizens. But I still wanted to know what the idea behind the event is?
The event takes place on 23 April 2013, 09:30-12:30 followed by a reception Room 2Q2 (József Antall Building), European Parliament, Brussels 
Ok there will be high level politicians, which is nice for the people who will be attending the event and sitting in the room, but what about those people who are not in Brussels and who cannot come the event?
Live stream is provided via: http://www.ombudsman.europa.eu/en/home.faces Twitter hashtag #eyc2013eo 
Interactivity sounds great! 

I will be there for you to tweet (@Citizen_e) about the event and those of you who are in Brussels should come and ask questions, the registration can be done here: http://www.ombudsman.europa.eu/shortcuts/document.faces/en/49627/pdf.bookmark download the pdf, fill in your details and send it via email to: eo-news@ombudsman.europa.eu

The registration has to be done in this way because the event takes place in the European Parliament, for the security of everyone there has to be a prior registration of every participant.

If you can not attend, because you are living outside of Brussels, but you want to interact and know what everyone is talking about you can follow the event in 22 languages via live stream here:


and here


You can also get more information about the event on Facebook 


For more information about the European Ombudsman and the initiatives and speakers visit: http://www.ombudsman.europa.eu/start.faces 
A wonderful and great day for all of you from Brussels!

On the agenda today there is: 

"EurHope IMAGES FROM THE FUTURE Living the world - Cities, architecture, human landscapes"  

Every future starts with an image:
The imagination and the future remain general subjects of the competition, focused though in this edition on the ways of living the world. The competition, taking suggestions from Europe, its territory, its own cultures, and its own infinite forms, wants to invite the artists to take a leap into the future and picture the ideas, visions, sceneries, fears, and hopes for the future on these particular subjects. Representing, obviously, not only the buildings and the cities, but for those who require, personal experiences of the people who live there. 
Cities, architecture, buildings, and dwelt territories receive a man and provide him with the first indications of personal and collective “living know-how”. The houses and villages are a form of living the planet in the most varied forms and situations.
To live, to build are one of the main moments in the man's live, in the future sustainability challenge, in the human environment research, which would be suitable for liveability, social relations, cultural evolution, and a green living.
The first step towards building is to Imagine.
Good luck with your work!  
You can find more information here:

https://www.facebook.com/events/441649089224296/?fref=ts EurHope

The deadline for the competition is April 2nd 2013.

21 Marzo - Serata Concerto @ClanBanlieue 

L’Italia e l’Europa al bivio: L’ORA DELLA DECISIONE

The European Movement Italy invites to a meeting discussing the state of the European Union and Italy's place 

there in. The whole thing will take part on Friday at 11:00 in Milan. 

For those interested you will find more information here:

https://www.facebook.com/events/414013842027750/?ref=2 State of the Union   
Welcome everyone! 

Today there are several things on the agenda: First I will meet the guys of "HELLO EUROPE" 

at 5pm in Brussels and will talk with them about their idea and what they want to do. In any way you should 

all support them by sharing and linking their page on Facebook! 

Afterwards I will go to the event of the Union of European Federalists Multi speed Europe? Federal 

I am really interested what Rafał TRZASKOWSKI a Polish MEP, member of AFCO, and Jean-Claude PIRIS, 

former head of the Council’s Legal service will have to say and if there will be anything interesting today. 

Since the debate will be moderated by Pierre Defraigne, Executive Director of the Madariaga Foundation, 

one thing is for sure, it will not become boring ;)
If you are in Scotland Edinburgh today and you are interested in a nice  PANEL DEBATE ON THE FUTURE OF EUROPE    

you are welcome to join the  German Consulate General Edinburgh. The Europa Institute at the University of 

Edinburgh, in cooperation with the German Consulate General, will host a panel debate on the future of the 

European Union under the title 'Franco-German relations have driven European integration but what does the 

future hold for the EU?'.

The event in the Playfair Library will start at 5.30pm with introductory comments by the Scottish Cabinet Secretary 

for Culture and External Affairs, followed by a panel discussion chaired by Professor Charlie Jeffery and including:

- Professor John Peterson (School of Social and Political Science)
- Professor Andrew Scott (Law School)
- Professor Laura Cram (School of Social and Political Science)
- Professor Willie Paterson (Aston University)
- Arnaud Parmentier (Elysee Palace Correspondent of Le Monde)

Following the panel debate there will be a drinks reception and an opportunity to view an exhibition on Franco-

German relations.

Register for the Panel Debate at

Finally if you are in Brussels and want to do something about the life in Belarus, you are welcome to the  

Young European Federalists Brussels [JEF Brussels] they invite to the JEF Brussels - FREE BELARUS ACTION - 

making a speech and a video

More information here: https://www.facebook.com/events/348805025219749/
You will find me at the UEF in the Committee of the Regions, follow me on Foursquare ;) and can read later here 

about my meeting with the guys of HELLO EUROPE. Until then, stay tuned...!


Hi everybody, here are the events of the day as far as I  am concerned. You m


18:00 Rencontre avec Stephen Clarke

By: Europe-Direct Maison de l'Europe

Venez découvrir le regard amusant que porte l'écrivain Stephen Clarke sur les habitants de l'Hexagone.

L'auteur britannique de "God Save la France" et "1000 ans de mésentente cordiale" sera le mardi 19 mars à 18h à la librairie Thuard pour dédicacer ses romans et rencontrer ses lecteurs.


@Librairie Thuard

24 rue de l'étoile, 72000 Le Mans, France


18:00 until 20:00 Workshop Reclaiming the right to water in Europe

By: right2water

On the occasion of the World Water Day 2013 and the year of International Cooperation in Water, we have the pleasure of inviting you to the event on "Reclaiming the Right to Water in Europe: Citizens Participation, Democracy & Commons taking place in the European Parliament in Brussels on Tuesday the 19th of March 2013 from 18H00 - 20H00 in room A3H1.

This event will have the aim of bringing together Members of the European Parliament, academics and members of the civil society movement to have an exchange of views and discuss the state of the right to water in Europe, the link with water as a commons and the role of the EU in international water cooperation. 

Registration is free but obligatory.


@Ep Belgium

Rue Wiertz 60, B-1047 Brussels, Belgium


19:00 until 20:00 Spinelli4breakfast - SI RIPARTE!

By: Punto Europa

Torna l'appuntamento settimanale di approfondimento sull'Ue!
Prima puntata: martedì 19 marzo, dalle 19 alle 20, per parlare delle elezioni in Italia viste dall'Ue.

Partecipate al dibattito attraverso la chat Facebook (Koinèffèm webradio) e Twitter (@PuntoEuropa)!



Via Valverde 15, 47121 Forl


19:00 Soirée européenne dédiée à l'Irlande

By: Maison De l'Europe Bordeaux

La Maison de l’Europe Bordeaux – Aquitaine,
les Centres d’animation de Bordeaux et
l’Ambassade d'Irlande en France
ont le plaisir de vous inviter
à la Soirée européenne dédiée à l'Irlande
le mardi 19 mars 2013 à 19h00
à la Maison de l'Europe Bordeaux - Aquitaine
1, Place Jean Jaurès - Bordeaux

En présence de l'Ambassadeur d'Irlande en France, M. Paul Kavanagh, qui donnera une conférence sur la présidence irlandaise de l'Union européenne et la reprise de l'économie irlandaise

La soirée se prolongera autour d'un apéritif convivial irlandais.

Inscriptions à l'adresse : contact@europe-bordeaux.eu ou par téléphone au


@Maison De l'Europe Bordeaux

1 place Jean Jaurès, 33000 Bordeaux, France 5.


19:00 TONIGHT: Debate on the future of the European Union

By: Pub Affairs Bruxelles

We are most pleased to invite you to participate in an evening of discussion on the future of the European Union with: Sir GRAHAM WATSON MEP (ALDE) & DANIEL HANNAN MEP (ECR).

with a preliminary address from HANNES SWOBODA MEP (S&D)

This Tuesday, the 19th of March, 7h00 pm at the Press Club Brussels Europe, Rue Froissart 95, Brussels.

More info: http://www.pubaffairsbruxelles.eu/invitation-debate-on-the-future-of-the-european-union/


@Press Club Brussels Europe 
Rue Froissart 95, Brussels 


    On the Agena

    As everything in Europe, a project that tries to communicate Europe is always developing. 

    It is my job to communicate Europe towards my fellow followers. Now that the website is working and there are people who are actually starting to be interested in the work I do every day the time for the next step has come: Communicating Europe in an interactive way. 

    Citizen-E is not just an information platform about the things I find everyday on the web and which I consider interesting for those who follow me, but it is meant to be an interesting opportunity to actually exchange views and to discuss what is happening in Europe. 

    We have a lot of things that are happening everyday and we all know more and more that there is actually nothing happening in Europe that does not affect our way of life.

    Since this is the case, and we all realise every day that we are more and more interconnected, I want to provide you the possibility to ask about what is going on, to discuss the events and policies. 

    If you have any questions you can contact me in many different ways, you find them all on the right corner on the top of this website.


    On The Agenda


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