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Senne  Dehandschutter talking with Citizen-E

Citizen-E is supporting HELLO Europe for some time now. 
The idea is great and it would really be a cool thing to see what is 
going on in Europe via a direct connection. The HELLO Europe Project wants to give us all the chance to talk with people all over Europe, to party with all Europeans and wants that we all see with our own eyes other people in other cities. As I said, the idea is great!
But how shall this actually work?
I was curious about the way they actually want to make this idea a reality. So I wrote them and asked if they would have some time to meet and to talk with me. On Wednesday March 20th I met with Senne Dehandschutter. He is one of the people behind the HELLO Europe project. We talked about how they the technical realisation shall work and look like. What communication is for him, why the project did not start on well known crowd funding platforms and how the whole project can be financed. 
I hope this gives you a better insight into the project and that you will support it even more so! Have fun!  

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    On the Agena

    As everything in Europe, a project that tries to communicate Europe is always developing. 

    It is my job to communicate Europe towards my fellow followers. Now that the website is working and there are people who are actually starting to be interested in the work I do every day the time for the next step has come: Communicating Europe in an interactive way. 

    Citizen-E is not just an information platform about the things I find everyday on the web and which I consider interesting for those who follow me, but it is meant to be an interesting opportunity to actually exchange views and to discuss what is happening in Europe. 

    We have a lot of things that are happening everyday and we all know more and more that there is actually nothing happening in Europe that does not affect our way of life.

    Since this is the case, and we all realise every day that we are more and more interconnected, I want to provide you the possibility to ask about what is going on, to discuss the events and policies. 

    If you have any questions you can contact me in many different ways, you find them all on the right corner on the top of this website.


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