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On the agenda today there is: 

"EurHope IMAGES FROM THE FUTURE Living the world - Cities, architecture, human landscapes"  

Every future starts with an image:
The imagination and the future remain general subjects of the competition, focused though in this edition on the ways of living the world. The competition, taking suggestions from Europe, its territory, its own cultures, and its own infinite forms, wants to invite the artists to take a leap into the future and picture the ideas, visions, sceneries, fears, and hopes for the future on these particular subjects. Representing, obviously, not only the buildings and the cities, but for those who require, personal experiences of the people who live there. 
Cities, architecture, buildings, and dwelt territories receive a man and provide him with the first indications of personal and collective “living know-how”. The houses and villages are a form of living the planet in the most varied forms and situations.
To live, to build are one of the main moments in the man's live, in the future sustainability challenge, in the human environment research, which would be suitable for liveability, social relations, cultural evolution, and a green living.
The first step towards building is to Imagine.
Good luck with your work!  
You can find more information here:

https://www.facebook.com/events/441649089224296/?fref=ts EurHope

The deadline for the competition is April 2nd 2013.

21 Marzo - Serata Concerto @ClanBanlieue 

L’Italia e l’Europa al bivio: L’ORA DELLA DECISIONE

The European Movement Italy invites to a meeting discussing the state of the European Union and Italy's place 

there in. The whole thing will take part on Friday at 11:00 in Milan. 

For those interested you will find more information here:

https://www.facebook.com/events/414013842027750/?ref=2 State of the Union   

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    As everything in Europe, a project that tries to communicate Europe is always developing. 

    It is my job to communicate Europe towards my fellow followers. Now that the website is working and there are people who are actually starting to be interested in the work I do every day the time for the next step has come: Communicating Europe in an interactive way. 

    Citizen-E is not just an information platform about the things I find everyday on the web and which I consider interesting for those who follow me, but it is meant to be an interesting opportunity to actually exchange views and to discuss what is happening in Europe. 

    We have a lot of things that are happening everyday and we all know more and more that there is actually nothing happening in Europe that does not affect our way of life.

    Since this is the case, and we all realise every day that we are more and more interconnected, I want to provide you the possibility to ask about what is going on, to discuss the events and policies. 

    If you have any questions you can contact me in many different ways, you find them all on the right corner on the top of this website.


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