Welcome everyone! 

Today there are several things on the agenda: First I will meet the guys of "HELLO EUROPE" 

at 5pm in Brussels and will talk with them about their idea and what they want to do. In any way you should 

all support them by sharing and linking their page on Facebook! 

Afterwards I will go to the event of the Union of European Federalists Multi speed Europe? Federal 

I am really interested what Rafał TRZASKOWSKI a Polish MEP, member of AFCO, and Jean-Claude PIRIS, 

former head of the Council’s Legal service will have to say and if there will be anything interesting today. 

Since the debate will be moderated by Pierre Defraigne, Executive Director of the Madariaga Foundation, 

one thing is for sure, it will not become boring ;)
If you are in Scotland Edinburgh today and you are interested in a nice  PANEL DEBATE ON THE FUTURE OF EUROPE    

you are welcome to join the  German Consulate General Edinburgh. The Europa Institute at the University of 

Edinburgh, in cooperation with the German Consulate General, will host a panel debate on the future of the 

European Union under the title 'Franco-German relations have driven European integration but what does the 

future hold for the EU?'.

The event in the Playfair Library will start at 5.30pm with introductory comments by the Scottish Cabinet Secretary 

for Culture and External Affairs, followed by a panel discussion chaired by Professor Charlie Jeffery and including:

- Professor John Peterson (School of Social and Political Science)
- Professor Andrew Scott (Law School)
- Professor Laura Cram (School of Social and Political Science)
- Professor Willie Paterson (Aston University)
- Arnaud Parmentier (Elysee Palace Correspondent of Le Monde)

Following the panel debate there will be a drinks reception and an opportunity to view an exhibition on Franco-

German relations.

Register for the Panel Debate at

Finally if you are in Brussels and want to do something about the life in Belarus, you are welcome to the  

Young European Federalists Brussels [JEF Brussels] they invite to the JEF Brussels - FREE BELARUS ACTION - 

making a speech and a video

More information here: https://www.facebook.com/events/348805025219749/
You will find me at the UEF in the Committee of the Regions, follow me on Foursquare ;) and can read later here 

about my meeting with the guys of HELLO EUROPE. Until then, stay tuned...!



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    Citizen-E is not just an information platform about the things I find everyday on the web and which I consider interesting for those who follow me, but it is meant to be an interesting opportunity to actually exchange views and to discuss what is happening in Europe. 

    We have a lot of things that are happening everyday and we all know more and more that there is actually nothing happening in Europe that does not affect our way of life.

    Since this is the case, and we all realise every day that we are more and more interconnected, I want to provide you the possibility to ask about what is going on, to discuss the events and policies. 

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